Horsepower For Hounds was born from a love of motorcycles and retired racing greyhounds - two 'fast' things that go naturally together. Then the unique idea of fundraising for greyhound needs at motorcycle events came about. We will raise money to:

  • Assist adoption groups in finding forever homes for retired racers and covering associated medical costs
  • Assist greyhound health initiatives and greyhound service organizations (transport organizations, service dog organizations) in their quest to ensure healthy, happy lives for retired racers and enable them to function as service animals

Our goal is to continue to spread the word about these retired athletes and why they make such great family members. Doing that through motorcycle events will allow us to mix these two passions and help raise much needed funds to allow adoption groups and service organizations to continue their important work. We hope you will join us in this journey!

Below are some of the amazing groups and organizations we will be supporting. Please check them out!

SAGE {Save a Galgo Espanol}

The Greyhound Health Initiative

Pocono Greyhound Adoption